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Seasonal Collaborations

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TWICE Members - Join us for the our Fall Fun Collaborations(free).


Registration Oct. 4-13, 2017

Event takes place Nov. 1-3, 2017


Creepy Creatures for grades PreK-4th

Spooky Stories for grades 5th-8th


Download the flyer and teacher packets here:


Fall Fun Flyer

Creepy Creature Teacher Packet

Spooky Story Teacher Packet




Take a look at the other collaborations we have planned.....


2016-17 TWICE Seasonal Collaborative Events


These are Matching Events which means you sign up for a day and time for your connection and you will be matched with a partner (we do our best to accommodate your day and time, but flexibility is appreciated).


You must be a member of TWICE  to participate.


These are the Seasonal Collaborative Events scheduled so far (more to come) for the 2016-17 school year. Flyers and Teacher Packets will be available for download shortly.



Crazy Creature


Grades: PreK-3                         60-min. connection

Connections Nov. 1-2 - Registration announced in Sept.

Each class will create a creature with a creepy theme. Students will then write a description of their crazy creature for their partner class to replicate. During the videoconference the classes will compare their original creatures with the replicated creatures. For 60 crazy minutes, two classrooms will be paired together for a live two-way interactive event.   Prior to meeting though, each class will create a creature with a unique creepy theme representing an imaginative idea about a creature in the spirit of fall holiday fun! Students will then write a description of their “crazy creature” for a partner-class to replicate by sending ONLY the description via e-mail, U.S. Mail or Fax to the partner teacher at a TWICE member school. Both classes will meet via videoconference to compare their original “creatures” with the replicated “creatures” to see if the Creepy Creature Collaboration was a success.



Scary Story 


Grades: 4-8                               60-min. connection

Connections Nov. 1-2 - Registration announced in Sept.

 Plan for a scary 60-minute live two-way interactive program!   Participants in the program will have an opportunity to exchange the opening and middle paragraphs of a super-scary story via e-mail, U.S. Mail or Fax with a partner class at a TWICE member school. By exchanging the first two parts of the story, the receiving schools will finish each other’s stories by writing “what happens next!” Students will then meet for a “scary” two-way interactive experience via ITV by sharing the remainder of the story by reading it, acting it out sharing it as a poem, using video, or any way they decide would be the be a perfect ending to a truly “scary” story!



Holiday Customs 


Grades: 2-8                               60-min. connection

Registration: Nov. 7-11   

Event: Dec. 19-21 2016 

In this 60-minute program, students will exchange a unique holiday custom representing a tradition or theme from a different country or part of the world (ex: Kwanzaa, Diwali, St. Lucia Day, Boxing Day, etc.). Students will present their holiday custom that has been researched with a partner class who can participate in the new learned custom through an interactive experience. Classes will meet via videoconference ITV to share the holiday custom they have learned about!

Teacher Packet


There's No Business 

Like SNOW Business

Grades: 3-8                               60-min. connection

Registration: Dec. 12-16, 2016

Event: Jan. 23-25 

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Is it really true that no two snowflakes are alike? Investigating the intricacies of an

individual flake and learning about such things as how American artists have depicted the beauty and wonder of snow and

ice in paintings and photographs, to the mathematical and scientific composition of snowflakes can be fascinating.


Teacher Packet


Poetry Idol

Grades: K-12                             60-min. connection

Registration: March 27-31       Event: April 25-27

Students will have an opportunity to share and celebrate Poetry Month via live two-way interactive videoconferencing!  Students will be able to present poetry using various multimedia and technology tools such as solo presentations, in small groups, or as a classroom group.





Grades K-3                                   60-min. connection

Registration: April 17-21             Event: May 23-25


Teacher Packet


Amazing American States: K-3 grades

 During this 60-minute connection, partner classes share a presentation about their chosen state (can be your state or any other state you’d like; partner classes must select different states). Following the presentations, students spend about 10-minutes asking each other questions about their respective states and communities. Students will research and share information about land forms, farming, their towns and cities, location in the United States and fun facts that make the state interesting.


Where is this Amazing American State: 4-8 grades

 Your class will research a city and state of your choice (partner classes must select different states). You will need to find information based on required clues that will be given to you by TWICE (ex: region, history, civics, etc.). When connected with your partner class for this 60-minute connection, each classroom will give a presentation with the clues about your city and state. The students from the other class will attempt to discover the secret location using the Internet, maps, textbooks and other available resources. Be creative and have fun with this exciting program!




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