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TWICE Membership

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TWICE Membership



TWICE (Two-Way Interactive Connections in Education) is a global K-12 distance learning organization. Membership is open to any school, district, or educational service agency (ISD, BOCE, ESA, CESA, etc.)


The TWICE mission is “to promote and support collaborative connections using two-way interactive video for the benefit of students.”  With the growth and activity in CAPspace, TWICE welcomes membership from any corner of the globe.


What is included in your membership?

  • Seasonal Collaborations - Curriculum based collaborations where a class signs up and is matched with another class. Take a look at what we did last year - many will be the same with new ones to come. These are only open to TWICE members and are free.

  • TWICE ASK programs at half the price ($80 for non-members, $40 for TWICE members) Here’s a list of our programs for 2017-18 school year - http://www.twice.cc/videoconference-programs.html

  • Access to a virtual meeting room if needed.

  • One 60-minute professional development training program per year for your school or district on using CAPspace to expand videoconferencing



2018-19 TWICE membership fees:

Individual school                                                         $125.00

School district                                                             $250.00

Educational service agency (ESA, ISD, BOCE, etc.)          $300.00


The pdf forms below can be downloaded and sent to 


Attn: Membership

P.O. Box 444

Lawrence, MI 49064


2018-19 Membership Form (required)

2018-19 School Invoice

2018-19 District Invoice

2018-19 ESA Invoice

2018-19 TWICE W-9


TWICE is a 501c3 non-profit organization. 




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