What is the relationship between TWICE and CAPspace?

TWICE (Two-Way Interactive Connections in Education) is Michigan’s K-12 distance learning organization, founded in 2001. Any school, district or educational service agency may become a member of TWICE for a yearly membership fee.

For membership forms and instructions, see the TWICE Membership page of this wiki.


As part of TWICE, Berrien RESA developed the Content Providers Database - a free listing of content providers and their programs. In 2002 TWICE created their signature event, Read Across America. In 2006 the event changed its name to Read Around the Planet (RAP) as countries across the globe joined the event.


Classes register for Read Around the Planet in CAPspace and are matched with a similar grade level to connect and celebrate reading during the last week of February and first week of March. From this database of educators, CAPspace expanded to become a site where teachers could create, post and/or join videoconferencing collaborative projects and events.


To access the Content Providers Database -

To access information about Read Around the Planet (RAP) -


CAPspace, the VC Content Providers Database and Read Around the Planet are made possible by funding

from Polycom: Providing Telepresence, Voice and Video Conferencing