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Creating a Collaboration

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Creating a Collaboration


Login to CAPspace – http://projects.twice.cc -  On the top toolbar choose My Collaborations - Then choose New Collaboration from the side button

Curricular Content:

  • One of 3 choices are available: Simple, Detailed or By Template
  • Simple: Filling out the simple form requires a Collaboration Title, Description of the collaboration, a Date Range (when you want to connect for the collaboration), Grade Level of partner class, curricular subject area(s) you are targeting.
  •  Detailed: This form requires the same information as the Simple but also gives you the opportunity to include Learner Outcomes, Methods and Activities, Materials, Responsibilities, Agenda, etc. High level and more involved collaborations are best suited to this form.
  • By Template: Templates are designed to be used as idea starters. When you find one you like, click “+Create new collaboration based on this template” and edit the template with your curricular specific content.

Registration Procedures:

  •  In each of the templates you choose the registration area is the same.
  •  Registration: If you are just getting an idea down (planning process) you can choose this option and it will be saved under My Collaborations tab. If you choose Open for Partners, the collaboration will be sent out that evening in an email digest of all collaborations created that day. If you only want one partner (not using the Exploding Collaboration tool), please check the Filled box after you have found a partner.
  • How should your partner sign up?
    • If you choose Website URL, you must have access to your own or school registration website.
    • If you choose email, interested partners will email you and you will choose the partner you want, then email those you did not choose.
    • If you choose Exploding Collaboration, any and all teachers may sign up and are listed on the collaboration page. The creator should choose the partner(s) he//she wants and the others do the same. An email is sent to the potential partner for confirmation of the pairing. Once both have confirmed, the partnership is listed at the top. This allows those really good collaboration projects to reach more classrooms. The creator is not responsible for the other partnerships.
  • Exploding Collaboration Requests: If you only want one partner, you will choose one. If all classes in a grade level at your school are going to do the same collaboration, you can choose the number of classes you need, i.e. 4, 5, 6, etc. Each class will participate, but each will choose a different partner.
  • Who do you want to email this project to? To have the most variety to choose from, sending it to everyone in CAPspace will produce the best results.


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